Meet the Coach

Run Coaching by Kevin Shepherd.

UK Athletics registered number UKA 3624440 Cirf Qualified

Milton Keynes and surrounding areas

I believe in a focus on safety, running form, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and rest. Improve running enjoyment and to reduce potential injury.

This is achieved through not only running but other strength and flexibility activites such as yoga, cycling, swimming, HIIT, gym work and flexibility exercises.

Proper nutrition, rest and recovery are also a must to improve.

I have enjoyed sport all of my life. Football, Karate, Golf and Running. The last couple of years I have entered Triathlon events which I have really enjoyed. My swimming is improving.

The use of technology can sometimes take away the enjoyment of a run and can lead to us not listening to our bodies. The best feedback we can get is from our body and not the watch.